Open volunteer positions:

  • Assistant Committee Chair:
    • Work on schedules and timing of activities (setup, work days etc.) leading up to the event
    • Coordinates collection of volunteer forms shirt sizes and misc information by deadlines
    • Assist committee chair as needed in coordination of volunteers for prizes, parking, food etc.
  • Sponsor Liaison/Grant writer
    • Works with existing sponsors
    • Seeks additional sponsors and donors through grant writing and corporate advocacy
    • Write grants (there are a number of established grants that are written yearly)
  • Participating organization coordinator
    • Assist committee chair in working with participating organizations in preparation for the event
    • Communicate with participating organization representatives regarding aspects of their event (most if not all communication is by email)
  • E.E. Wilson coordinator
    • Work with refuge manager to assure all pre-event maintenance is completed on time (mowing and staging)

A letter to parents, volunteers and interested parties.

Resources for Volunteers

Forms for Event Promotion