What ages are allowed at the event?

Participation is limited to youth between the ages of 5 & 14 at the time of the event. We are faced with the reality of having far more kids desiring to attend the event than we can possibly accomodate. We have every intention of making Youth Outdoor Day as rewarding as possible for all attendees. We understand that this is a family event and we do not want to prevent people from bringing younger siblings to the event, however, we do need to allocate the limited resources that we have for the kids that can most benefit from the event. After years of watching kids participate in the activities we have to offer, we have determined that kids between the ages of 5-14 most benefit from the hands on activities involved. Some events do have further age restrictions, Archery and Sporting Clays have suggested limits of 10 or older. Fishing is limited to under 14.

Why have a split registration?

In an effort to provide the unique opportunities that Youth Day has to offer to as many people as possible, the organizing committee decided to allow new attendees an opportunity to register a few days early. Those of us that have been taking kids there for years know that the event sells out quickly and new faces are becoming rarer. This will allow us to share the fun with more kids that do not get this opportunity to attend such a unique and rewarding event.

Do all the kids in our group have to be new attendees to qualify for early registration?

No. The intent of early registration is to give new attendees a chance to attend. If you are bringing even just one new attendees to the event you are helping us fulfill that mission and we want you to all be registered together, so yes please register all your kids during the early registration period. You must all register under the same chaperone or group name to qualify.

Do I need to bring any equipment?  Can my kid use my shotgun or fishing pole etc.?

All of the equipment that is needed at the events is provided. We ask that you not bring equipment for several reasons. Your kids will be receiving enough things that you will have to carry around for them.  Depending on the weather you may want to bring rain gear. This is an outdoor event, and while most of the events are under tent canopies, there will be lots of time you will be in the open.

Do my kids need a fishing license?

Anyone that will be 12 years and older on the date of the event and wishing to fish at the event, are required to possess an annual youth combination license from ODFW. These can be bought online and include access to angling, hunting and shellfish with the purchase of the license (be sure to check regulations). For more details please contact ODFW Information and Education at 503.947.6002 and ODFW Licensing at 503.947.6100

When should I get my kids registered by?

As soon as possible. Each year the event has sold out quicker than the last and with increases in demand each year we expect to sell out earlier than ever. As we receive registrations we will post updates to the number of registrations available on this site.

How late does the event run?

The booths stop at 2:30 at the latest.  We notice that most kids have had so much fun by lunch time that after eating a full meal they are just exhausted and ready to go home. They are certainly welcome to stay that last couple of hours (lunch served from 11-1) and enjoy shorter lines.

Do I have to sign my kids up for any of the particular events?

No, events are on a first come first served basis. To avoid lines we suggest that you encourage kids to make a list of events they want to participate in, then if there is a line, go to another event. There are lots of things to do.

Can I just drop kids off and pick them up at the end of the event?

No, all kids must be supervised during the event.

Do parents have to pay the $5 fee, and why?

In order for us to make this event possible we must charge all participants the $5 fee. Parents do get a lunch for their fee. Kids get lunch and a t-shirt, raffle prize, goodie bag, use of equipment, and get to take many things home from the various booths. We have been able to keep the fee at $5 since our first year and expect to do so in the future.

How is it possible that you provide so many things for only $5?

This is only possible through our many sponsors.  Please support these businesses and organizations and thank them for their continued support of Youth Outdoor Day.

Where is EE Wilson Wildlife Area?

EE Wilson Wildlife area is the old Camp Adair Army Base located on Highway 99 between Monmouth and Corvallis.  From Highway 99 you will see a large sign directing you to Youth Day on Camp Adair Road. Turn East on Camp Adair road and the entrance will be about ½ mile on the North side of the road. Map and Directions.

Are there handicapped services available?

Yes, we have a designated handicapped parking area, and most events are easily accessible from paved or gravel roads or improved trails.

Are groups allowed, such as scout troops, church youth groups, or private youth groups?

Yes. To register a group of 10 or more please email register@youthoutdoorday.org for a group registration form. At check in we will put all of their shirts and goodie bags together to expedite check in. Please make sure there are enough adults to supervise the number of kids you bring, we suggest at least one adult per 5 kids.

How do I sign up?

Please visit our registration page and follow the link to register online.